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How you get anger

It is a well-known fact that as human beings we need to deal with many different emotions such as happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise and anger which are also called primitive universal emotions these emotions  influence on our day to day lives such as how we live and how we interact with others for e.g. actions we make, choices we make, the experiences we have, the perceptions we have etc. The primitive human emotions were officially found and named by the Psychologist Paul Eckman in the year of 1970s. He implied that these emotions are cosmically experienced in all human further later on he has expanded these emotions with excitement, embarrassment, shame and pride. Therefore the essay elaborates information on how you get anger and the way humans react to it accordingly.  

Firstly, as we’ve taught anger is a negative emotion which we could have both mental and physical consequences such as changes in tone of voice: peaking gruffly or yelling Facial expressions: frowning or glaring, Physiological responses: such as sweating or turning red, Aggressive behaviours: hitting, kicking, or throwing objects also Body language:  taking a strong stance or turning away although anger is a harmful emotion of anger could be a helpful emotion too for e.g. body’s fight and flight responses which would become a helping hand to clear up your requirements in a relationship, and it can motivate us to take action and find solutions to things that we are concerned.

Secondly, angry reactions can vary from mild to severe frustrations. Anger could cause us unhealthy, dangerous, or harmful impacts for ourselves and for others as well for e.g. uncontrollable anger can quickly turn to abuse, aggression or violence if you had manifested it in a negative way. Anger can make it challenging also make a low impact on your physical (health issues such as diabetes coronary issues and heart issues which can make day to day decision making also a problematic further, it could cause behaviours that pose health risks such as smoking, aggressive driving, and alcohol consumption etc.

In conclusion, anger is a very natural and a universal emotion which happens as a result of an automatic reaction to external and internal events (external: could be mild like, to have a fight with someone or severe, such as loss of a loved one also internal factors such as recall a past event and feel angry again) Moreover, which could be a reaction which appears as a result of the feeling we get to defend or protect yourselves from the event or person that is bothering you,. Further, emotions don’t happen in isolation. Instead; they are closely interrelated with each other. . Further, Many people react to anger in three different ways; expression, suppression or calming. Expressing anger could be in different ways and depend with personalities: yelling, blaming or becoming aggressive. Emotions play a very demanding part in how we live our lives, determine how we reserve and make decisions of our day to day lives. Anger is a response to pain which may happen as a result to rejection, feeling hurt or sick, By understanding some of the different types of emotions, you can gain a deeper understanding of how these emotions have been expressed and the impact they have on your behaviour. Its important to handle anger in a way it doesn’t harm yourself or others which can lead to situations you get both yourself and others hurt. Lastly, its always better to know how you get angry and know best coping methods to calm yourself in the face of anger is always healthy to express anger in a way no one’s get affected or suppressing the anger which may bring back impact later, Finally;  this could be very challenging sometimes you could make a significant impact by meditating, practising mindfulness, avoiding fights, breathing exercises also it is always additional benefit to consult a therapist if you feel like you cannot control your anger alone.


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