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COVID-19 has changed the business forever, and you can use that to your advantage.

As the author and best-selling businessman James Altucher explained in NYC Is Dead Forever… Here’s why companies realize that they probably don’t need an office at all. This intriguing analysis explains the history of New York designated as the world’s business capital and how COVID-19 has forced global businesses to start operating remotely – perhaps from now on.

I have been working away as a businessman for about four years now, and I am not going back. I want to work from home for the rest of my life.

That was always the goal. Before this, when I wore a suit every day at my desk job in corporate America, my dream was still to work away. Our company started a test day that started once a week and soon became the best day of the week in my final year.

I love being at home, spending time with my family, and not pretending to work (something most office workers do for hours a day).

If you want to start (and stay) working from home, there are two areas to use 100 percent remotely by 2021: negotiating with your current company to work full-time at home or stop being a local entrepreneur.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Rent them and start calling for a gun.

Discuss work remotely with your Boss

Tim Denning is one of the top authors on and has already started earning $ 10,000 (or rising $ 25,000) every month on the platform.

That’s not even the crazy part:

He did this while working full-time.

According to Denning, negotiating a long-distance day of the week was crucial to start working in his side business and developing his writing product. Today, companies are more willing than ever to offer remote work. As COVID-19 demonstrates interaction worldwide, having employees working remotely has many benefits.

If you can help your manager see these benefits, you can start working remotely.

When hiring your manager, you have to think about it with their eyes – a reliable, efficient approach that benefits the company. Your company has no interest if you would like to work from home. For them, it’s about what’s best in the company.

There is a scene at Mad Men where Don Draper teaches his assistant Peggy Olson about her work dissatisfaction. He wants more credit for his ideas.

“It’s your job! I give you money, and you give me ideas!” Don yells at Peggy.

But you can never say thank you! “Peggy explodes angrily.

“That’s for the money!” Don calculators.

Your company does not care what you choose, and it does care about what you can do for it. It does happen, and companies (probably) will never give you what you want if it means they are making less money.

While your voice is working from a distance, you should keep this in mind. Sort everything you say about it. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • How will this benefit the company?
  • Why do they want me to work remotely?
  • What is there for them?

When I worked for an American company, I hired coaches and bought expensive online courses that taught me how to apply for the money. Thankfully, I received most of the suggestions I made because I convinced the company why it would benefit them.

It is a deceptive art form, but it can dramatically change your life if you handle it well. Every time I apply for a raise, I spend at least two to three months before doing all my practical calculations and looking for useful metrics to see how much work I can do for them in the future.

If you want to convince your manager about anything, you have to collect reliable data, exciting numbers, and why working 100 percent away can help a company. You have to show them that you work very well and produce at home.

Now you need to prove it.

If your supervisor is not yet open to the idea of working 100 percent remotely, there is another option you should take.

Become an Entrepreneur and Make Your Own Money

I could write a complete book – many books – on how to do this, and there are many excellent books written on this topic. I will keep this simple.

If you are not willing to work from home but your company does not allow it, the only thing you can do is probably work for yourself and make money as an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to do six calculations as an entrepreneur. If you can create a digital legacy – an online course, a training package, an eBook, or a team of intellectuals or a community – you can find your audience, sell your stuff, and make money.

And, there’s a lot I can say here, but I’ll be brief. I made most of my salary by teaching other people I know; especially, by self-improvement.

For me, it was easy to share what I was learning. I have spent many years advising and 12-step addiction programs, and it was easy to teach others the same lessons I was learning. I shouldn’t have researched it, and I just knew all the content. That’s what I thought about every day anyway.


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