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Success is more than economic gain, degrees, and qualifications. Like a map, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, car, backpack, landmarks and route.


Who you are

The map has a starting point.

Your background is who you are right now. Many people, when asked to introduce themselves, would say, “Hello, I’m Jean, and I’m 17 years old, a high school student.” It doesn’t tell you who Jean is; it only tells you his current worries. To gain insight into you, you need to consider your beliefs, values, and goals concerning your economic, professional, cultural, and social context. Besides, you can also think about your own experience to give you insight into your good and bad qualities, skills, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses. When he got inside, Jean saw that he was very hardworking, generous, and service-loving, but impatient. His interest was in the medical field. Besides, he believed that life should have a purpose and that wars undermine human dignity.


“Who do you want to be?” this is your opinion. Now it is essential to know yourself so that you have a clear idea of ​​who you want to be; and things you want to change whether it be attitudes, habits, or points of view. If you do not know them, then your vision and your future goals will not be exact. Your destination should be in all aspects of your personality: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Continuing with Jean’sJean’s story, after explaining her beliefs, values, and goals in life, she decided she wanted to have a life dedicated to serving other people.


Your job

A car is a way to get to your destination. It can compare to your work or your calling in life. To a large extent, your work will depend on what you know about yourself. Based on Jean’sJean’s self-examination, he decided that he was qualified to be a doctor and that he wanted to be a doctor. His chosen profession was a medical doctor. Explaining his vision of purpose in full: it was to live a life dedicated to serving other people as a doctor in conflict areas.

Travel Bags:

Your knowledge, skills and attitude

Food, drinks, medicine and other travel necessities contained in the bag. Incorporating this concept into your life map, you also bring specific knowledge, skills and attitudes. This determines your ability and helps you get your point across. With such an offer, you need to examine what knowledge, skills, and attitudes you currently have and what you need to gain over time. This double test will give you an idea of ​​your world traits or ways to succeed. Jean realized that he was necessary to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become a doctor. He knew he was a little patient with people, so he realized this was something he wanted to change.

Landmarks and trails:

S’fisoS’fiso Ncwane objectives

Landmarks confirm that you are on the right track when the route determines the travel time. So, in planning your life, you also need to have road and trail signs. These landmarks are your steps to success. These steps must be clear, measured, accessible, achievable, and time. So you cannot set two primary world qualifications such as a master’s degree and doctoral dissertation in three years, because the minimum master’s degree is two years.

Going back to Jean as an example, he pointed to these world symbols on his life map: graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology at the age of 21; drug overdose at age 27; leading his expertise in infectious diseases at the age of 30; placement in local public hospitals of their city at the age of 32; and have worked as a physician in war-torn areas for 35 years. Expect Turns, Detours, and Potholes, The purpose of your health map, is to minimize the quick and quick decisions that may cause you to lose your way. But often our plans are changed along the way because of some disruption, delays, and other circumstances beyond our control. As with any method, there are twists, turns, and holes in the hole; we must expect and adapt accordingly.


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