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Guidelines for employing assessment and the best ways to use to do your work

I was able to create a six-priced business from home in just a few years as a “solopreneur,” managing everything on my own…

Twenty years ago, this model was impossible. Entrepreneurs were still using the traditional business model to build their business, to hire full-time employees with profits, to rent a brick and mortar site, and to run their business like many other businesses.

With the advent of the gig economy, you allow entrepreneurs to temporarily hire a small group to handle certain tasks, you do not need a traditional business framework through the departments of marketing, construction and accounting. You can just hire real helpers and freelancers for very little money, to get the job done at a much cheaper recording time.

If you have ever considered hiring a VA for any of your work experience, this guide will help you decide which assistant is best for you, and give you ideas on how VAs can greatly enhance your product.

What Do Visible Assistants Do? How much does it cost?

I have hired VAs to manage all the tasks, activities, and projects that are unfamiliar to me. For example:

  • I paid my VA $ 50 to research the top 50 podcasts in my field and collect contact / contact information to start posting podcasts as the interviewer.
  • I paid my VA $ 80 to manage all the creative / graphic work for all my online courses – creating PDFs, designing logos, creating worksheets templates, etc.
  • I paid my VA about $ 120 to manage all the professional work of publishing my eBook – editing my content, formatting my book on Kindle, and uploading everything to Amazon.

Here is a small screenshot of some of my VA orders last year:

  • I use the same VA for many projects, and hire VAs for one project.
  • If you look at the cost (to the right of the screenshot), you will see what these services cost you, and are completed in a few days.
  • This is truly entrusting to others, and it has helped me to create my own dream business and work full-time at home. Of course, I could hire a full-time assistant, provide benefits, rent an office space, and create a comprehensive corporate structure to accommodate my employees…
  • Or from time to time, I was able to pay a hundred times for someone to take care of certain tasks.
  • Many of my colleagues use VAs in a very broad way, and there is a great deal of value in making your VA do a lot of work for you.

For example, my co-worker paid the same VA for about $ 500 / week last year now to do about 20 hours of weekly work. $ 2,000 / month of a helper may sound too expensive for you, but once you have set a price on your own, you will immediately see how much it costs to do everything yourself.

If your VA takes care of the nitty-gritty, boring things, things that take you away from your most important work, you can grow your business faster, increase your productivity to an incredible level.

Think of it this way. I charge about $ 300 / hour for training. If I spent three hours wandering around Canva or PowerPoint sliding design, I spent about $ 900 of my (most expensive) time when I could pay someone $ 50 or less to handle it much faster than I could.

Your time is truly expensive, and you cannot waste your time doing menial tasks that last all day when you can hire someone else for less money to do the work for you.

This is also an important change in mindset, which opens from “saving money in every way” to real investment in you and your businesses.

When you hire a VA, you are telling the world (and yourself) that your time is worth the price, and you are not going to waste any more time. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are always putting their profits back into their business, passing as much as possible in order to focus on real work.

That’s where VAs come in. Once you start using the VAs effectively, you will quickly see how much time and money you can save with just a little money.

How Can I Use Real Helpers to Increase My Productivity?

Some time ago, I imagined a freelance writing job that looked interesting at first but quickly got into two weeks of low-paying, unrealistic, hard work.

I was hired to help write a few chapters of a college textbook, which seemed very easy for me. For $ 40 / hour, I took about 20 hours of work.

But I soon realized that the work was not really about writing content, it was about doing a ton of research before I wrote anything.

I hate research. I get tired after 15 minutes. It pulls, and then I start dragging my feet, postponing all the other work because I’m stuck working the many hours I hate. It’s like pulling my teeth.

These are the specific jobs you want to hire VAs to handle. If you can hire someone else to take care of the jobs you don’t like the most, you will significantly increase your productivity, so you can make a profit.

Of course, you send money to your wallet. But in order for you to be able to make five times as much, or ten times as much as you have.

I have a partner who pays for his VA in mine through LinkedIn, I get potential opportunities for sales calls. After his VA has finished compiling the list, my co-worker spends his time doing real work, the only job he can do – call the leaders and make sales.


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