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“Game of Life” Start Your Training: 7-Day Program.

Have you ever been a coach in a neighbourhood team? I know what it is like for the first time to coach a seven-year-old soccer team. And how much they can test my patience, let alone their sense of humour, as they run and kick the ball like ants to a big, white crumb. Sounds strange at first, I have to be stared at by a lot of kids who will know I’m not in the field. Sounds wrong in some sense, doesn’t it? But what about the dead in training?

Coaching is about being a ‘coach’ in the world of solidarity of managers, front-liners, and a few bench drivers who take their time to be given the opportunity to perform. I know how that feels when I get back to my normal day job. Some players are just MVP stuff, while others have to support MVP, so why bother sticking to it? It sounds confusing when they say ‘I’m not in the team,’. But even those who succeed under them can be a terrible loss.

These are steps that can be taken during the day, and whatever it takes, it takes determination to be a coach.

  1. There is so much talk these days about Corporate Team Building. There are many, many options: holiday packages, rope lessons, ongoing office games, ice-breakers, etc. Managers can also purchase videos, books, and meeting packages to help them build their organization into a qualifying group. After a while, I will give you ideas on where to go to get information on these team-building tools.
  2. The truth about the motive is waiting to be caught! It is ripe and ready to use today. Do not take care of yourself by touching the sensory nerves. Get active in the first 3 small ways to look forward to your alarm clock sounding every morning before it fills up with a party.
  3. The experience is wonderful no matter what your degree is. There is something about being a human being who is able to move the strong side of one person. And especially if you connect with the whole group.
  4. Asking a person about his or her performance is sometimes necessary, but never question his or her knowledge or intelligence. Sadly, I have seen a few mistakes in past coaches who do not understand what a player has to go through in order to get a good job. It will lead to further and perhaps even more hatred. You will see what will happen in the end, and it will help you to set the best course for improvement.
  5. Sending a player to the bench is probably the worst situation a coach has to deal with, especially if your player is the best performer. When working with this type of person, be sure to dispose of his or her intestines voluntarily. Egotism in the character often causes them to lose focus on the smallest mistakes, and then you can hold him by the hand. Be strong but understandable.
  6. Don’t let your position distract you from doing what you should be doing. Even coaches are human enough to think they are very high, but only to a degree. Even if you were in their shoes when you were their age, it is best to write them a piece of wisdom. So that they can see that this will benefit them.
  7. Lastly, you need to learn to trust yourself and your team. Decisions and performance are primarily your goals, and there are many of them to see. They can do the job well. So before you consider sending one member to the bench, discuss the matter with him or her and see if there are any problems. If it is personal, encourage them to do their best, and it also helps to give them a nice, encouraging slap on the back.


I think there is everything there is to it. Being a business drone myself, I know how important it is for a company to be successful. And we are all part of that success. Coaches are not there to make your job a little harder because you have a mental illness or you are not doing well. But they are guides who will help you work as hard as you can. You will make them proud one of these days, with you.


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