Five major protection errors beginning as a supplier


The biggest challenge in your productivity as an entrepreneur is learning what jobs to focus on in your spare time. The game’s name is discipline and planning. I call a “success plan” to determine the task of adding value and complete functions that play out in your time.

Simply saying can do that, can’t it?

For many solopreneurs (entrepreneurs who are in their own business and are unemployed), this often learns by trial and error. One-on-one value-adding activities may not be the right effort for you. Everything organizes according to the specific needs of what you are doing well and how you aim to make money and grow your business.

That is why I am such a great facilitator of defining success, having a plan, and setting clear goals that align with your values and purpose. If you are clear and concise – and passionate about things – you are more likely to use the time to make a profit. The real secret from there is using that clarity and precision to focus on a few things at a time.

Here is an excellent example from my life:

When I started my coaching business, I focus on helping any client. I was not well defined. It wasn’t because I didn’t have a niche. I was just not clear, and I was prioritizing who I would work best for. Sounds familiar?

That’s what I did next that made a big difference.

I went back to the drawing board and began to rely on my business knowledge of working with managers and improving how they lead important organizational programs for their organization. I combined that with my natural skills and coaching skills, and my research on emotional intelligence and leadership. After that, my coaching business started to leave.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Rent them and start calling for a gun.

Time, Money, and People

Most of the mistakes you will make early as a solopreneur include time and money. Spending a lot of time on businesses that do not earn big profits is a widespread mistake. Not understanding the value of your time is something you can quickly fix. Disrespect for your services is something you learn by connecting with reputable professionals and having the courage to price your services in a way that reflects your actual value.

You will also want to avoid burning bridges. Some of the people who will make the most money in your job are fellow entrepreneurs you may already know. They are freelancers with your back to the beginning, who support you through difficult times. They are the first customers to transfer and share your brand name. This is about connecting with colleagues you can learn from and share skills with.

In relationships, there are opportunities for growth, learning, and profit-making. I have found clients who have been friends turn to me when they need their leadership or organization. The relationships I have built have led to promotion and awareness, which I have shared with colleagues and friends in other organizations.

You want to be a top service provider or product provider where people think of your niche, so maintaining relationships is very important.

You will want to focus your attention on things that add value every day. But do not forget to avoid the pitfalls that can engulf your business. Here are five mistakes you should avoid and steps you can take to solve the problem and improve your business process.

Without hesitation

Whether you are intentional, energetic, or in-depth, understand this: If you do not hesitate to go into business, you will struggle. And the bill will not just throw (possibly) dollars. It is much more than that. Mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually, after a while. When you cannot make decisions out of fear, insecurity, or doubt, you begin to lose hope. Worse yet, self-determination can lead to:

  • Wrong thinking is both temporary and long-term.
  • Lock yourself up in new opportunities
  • Fear of new relationships and fear of commitment
  • Doubt and insecurity in the way you speak
  • Think of a new project you are launching. You will need to make daily decisions about strategy, technology, product, and customers.

Dr. Thomas H. Davenport writes about the importance of setting time limits on your decision-making in HBR:

Stop thinking that you have to do it all at once. Leading me to…

Jack Of All Works

Let us clarify one thing right now: You will not be successful as a solopreneur if you try to be a jack of all jobs. It’s not about what you think you can do and what you can’t. It’s about efficiency and quality. To begin with, the biggest obstacle is money. After that, money becomes the guide to everything you make. What you learn as a solopreneur has many ways to make money or in a challenging economy. You cannot live without the fear of making money for yourself, even if you acknowledge its value.

Divide the sources where you earn. Use websites that offer clients. Offer your services for free and request a refund.


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