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Enjoy Your Life: Change Your Vision

If you put the second place in the writing competition, will you jump for joy and then press on to get better results in the future or will you be discouraged and find excuses for not joining?

In life, you are always full of options. You can choose to have the perspective of a hopeless person and live a life of self-denial, or you can choose to take the path of hope and take on a challenging and fulfilling life.

So Why Cultivate A View Of Hope? And Why Now?

Yes, hope is linked to spiritism and morality; academic, sporting, military, career and political achievement; in love; good health and even longer life and freedom from trauma.

On the other hand, the levels of depression and hopelessness have never been higher. It affects middle-aged adults in the same way it strikes young people. The first age ranged from 30 to 15 years. It is no longer just a matter of a middle-aged housewife but also of a young person’s mind.

Here’s how trustees work and research to support why it pays to be optimistic:

Those Who Hope For The Best Expect The Best.

The defining feature of hopeless people is that they tend to believe bad events, which will last a long time and undermine everything they do, is their fault.

The fact is that the optimists are facing the same severe beatings of this world. What is different is the way they describe their misfortunes – it is a contradictory way. They tend to believe that defeat is a temporary setback, that it causes limited to one case.

Optimists tend to focus on and plan for the imminent ‘problem.’ They use ‘good translation.’ In other words, they may interpret what happened in a way that helps them learn and grow. Such people do not shock by the tragedy; they see it as a challenge and try harder.

Positive expectations for the optimists also predict better responses during the transition to new locations, sudden disasters and unforeseen turnaround events. If they fall, they will rise. They see opportunities instead of obstacles.

People Respond Favorably to optimism.

Optimists are active and very dependent on others for their happiness. They do not find it necessary to control or deceive people. They often draw people to them. Their optimistic view of the world can be contagious and affect those who share it.

Positive expectations seem to be a desirable element in society in all societies. Those who share hope often welcome and those who spread darkness, panic, and hysteria are mistreated. In life, these people often win elections; they are very voted in and seek advice. When travel becomes more difficult, those who hope to be strong become stronger.

Optimists generally maintain higher levels of self-esteem during times of stress than hopeless people. On the contrary, those who have no hope are likely to respond to distressing events by denying that they exist or by avoiding problems. Desperate ones are more likely to stop trying when difficulties arise.

They are patient, do not give up easily and also know for their patience. They set their course close to that goal or dream unattainable.

Optimists are healthy and live longer.

Medical research has shown that simple pleasures and a positive outlook can contribute to a balanced increase in the body’s ability to fight disease


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